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Manipuris and Myanmar shared joys and sorrow for over two thousand years as good neighbours, and people of Manipur should be instrumental in strengthening the bilateral ties of India and Myanmar which together are trying to find great economic growth in the Asiatic map.' He attended the ceremony as the Chief Guest in the two-day International conference named 'India-Myanmar Relations: Way Forward', Parliamentarian from Sagaing Division and other parts of Myanmar also participated in the function.
He was also associated with the founding of Pan-Manipuri Youth League in 1968, an active youth organization for the unity of Manipuris in Manipur, Cachar, Myanmar and Bangladesh (former East Pakistan)." Lokendra Arambam, "Arambam Somorendra (12 July 1.935--10 June 2000)", Indian Literature, Vol.
Hodson wrote: 'tradition offers links which make the Naga, Kukis and the Manipuris descent from a common ancestor, who had three sons who became the progenitor of those tribes'.(2) Various ethnic groups belonging to the Southern Mongoloid group the Tibeto- Burmans, the Indo Aryans and a sizeable section of the Tais (Shan) came to Manipur from pre-historic times down to the present day.
The Government of India has to make suitable provisions for employment of Manipuris in various branches of public service.
Moreover, Sanajaob, whose royal lineage 6 the Ningthouja Dynasty -- is believed to be traced back to the time of Christ, is considered a "living deity" by many Manipuris. The Independent reported that some of his subjects have joined the king in his protest, fearing that forcibly moving him from the palace will further dilute Manipuri culture.
About 100 London- based Manipuris assembled at the famous Victoria Pub near Hyde Park to hail Mary and fellow Manipuri boxer Laishram Devendro Singh on Saturday.
The blockade has become a hot topic among Manipuris here at community gatherings.
According to Manipuris, it's delicious whether deep fried or smoked and it forms the base of one of the traditional delicacies cooked, ngakijou eromba.
Manipuris, or the Meitei to be precise, were not always, and are still not, Hindus.
Several activists believeEeif passed in the Rajya Sabha, the proposed law would reduce the population of indigenous Manipuris and people of other northeastern states, to "microscopic minority".EeEe(ANI)
The colours of the Pangal women differ from those used by Manipuris, as for instance, the green used by a Meitei will be darker, less glaring than the shade of green allowable to the Pangal" (23) Most of the women are attired in a phanek (a kind of sarong indigenously woven and worn by Meitei Ladies) (24).
Imran will join fellow Manipuris Yasir Mohammad and Mohammad Nawaz who were both important parts of the FC Goa development team in the past season, where the team competed in the Goa Pro League and the I-League Division 2.( ANI )