Manitoba Naturalists Society

Manitoba Naturalists Society (MNS)

Address:63 Albert St, Suite 401
Winnipeg, MB R3B1G4

Established: 1920. Description:Dedicated to preserving the natural environment by fostering public awareness and appreciation. Sponsors field trips, educational programs, and recreational activities (such as canoeing, snowshoeing, and cross-country skiing outings). Brings together Manitobans who share concern for the well-being of the province's natural areas and wildlife. Members: 1,300. Dues: $40/year ($20/year for students, $35/year for seniors, $55 for families).
Publications: MNS Bulletin (10x/year); free to members and online.

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Although organizations such as the Nature Conservancy of Canada, the Manitoba Naturalists Society and the province have created the Tall Grass Prairie Preserves in southeastern Manitoba, land where the orchid and other rare prairie plants grow is still being 'converted' into agricultural use.
Alice Chambers of the Manitoba Naturalists Society says the Maple Leaf project "will be used as a case study by students taking courses in environmental law and environmental assessment as an example of how not to apply environmental protection processes."
About 10 years ago, the Manitoba Naturalists Society began offering interpretive and educational tours at the marsh.
That Manitoba Naturalists Society has made its position clear from the beginning; it opposes this development plan and intends to challenge the Minister in court once he issues a permit under the existing Wildlife Act on the grounds that this development violates the spirit and intent of the Act.

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