Mankovskii, Grigorii Ilich

Man’kovskii, Grigorii Il’ich


Born Mar. 7 (19), 1897, in Bronnitsy, in present-day Moscow Oblast; died Apr. 8, 1965, in Moscow. Soviet scientist in the field of mining. Corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR (1960).

Man’kovskii graduated from the Leningrad Institute of Mines in 1924. His principal works deal with special methods for sinking mine shafts. In 1935 he published the first manual in the USSR on sinking vertical shafts. Man’kovskii developed a method of mine shaft drilling with rock bits under complex mining and geological conditions. He also wrote works on the freezing of rocks when sinking shafts and on water drawdown methods, as well as scientific and methodological studies on mine construction and works on the history of mining engineering. A recipient of the State Prize of the USSR (1946), Man’kovskii was awarded the Order of Lenin, three other orders, and various medals.


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