Manley, Norman Washington

Manley, Norman Washington,

1893–1969, prime minister of Jamaica (1959–62); father of Michael ManleyManley, Michael Norman,
1924–97, prime minister of Jamaica (1972–80, 1989–92); son of Norman Manley. A leader of the socialist People's National party, he was first elected to parliament in 1967.
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. Of Irish and African descent, he was educated at Oxford and became an internationally known lawyer. He founded the moderately socialist People's National party in 1938, and, with his cousin, Alexander Bustamante, dominated Jamaican politics for several decades. He served as chief minister of Jamaica (1955–59) before being designated prime minister. He pushed land reform and encouraged economic growth, especially in the bauxite and tourist industries. He was the architect of the short-lived West Indies Federation (1958–62; see under West IndiesWest Indies,
archipelago, between North and South America, curving c.2,500 mi (4,020 km) from Florida to the coast of Venezuela and separating the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico from the Atlantic Ocean.
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