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In the next election, Manning became Leader of Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition.
Manning made some mistakes-albeit far fewer than those who sat opposite him.
Manning: at Father, His Sons, And al Football Legacy, is not a book about race.
Archie Manning grew up in Mississippi, however, and race relations were a big enough issue in his mind that he devotes a good part of a chapter to the subject.
Manning also employs coarse and inflammatory language ("if the womb makes the woman, does the penis make the priest?"); half-truths ("the church excommunicates women who've had abortions"); twisted logic ("the exaltation of Mary devalues actual women in practice"); and jargon (armed with Bible and a newspaper, she hopes to instill a "critical conscientization" in her hapless students).
In theology, Manning appears to have a streak of pantheism--she refers at one point to "looking at theology and spirituality from the perspective of the earth itself." Does the earth have a perspective?