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C6H12O6 A fermentable monosaccharide obtained from manna.



a monosaccharide of the general formula C6H12O6 (an isomer of glucose); a component of many polysaccharides and mixed biopolymers of plant, animal, and bacterial origin.

Mannose is readily soluble in water and has a sweet taste. Its melting point is 132°C Only the D-form occurs naturally. In its free form, mannose is present in many citrus fruits, as well as in fruits of the genera Anacardium and Corynocarpus. Mannose is converted in the organism with the help of its activated form, guanosine diphosphate mannose (GDPM), which serves as a mannose-radical donor in the synthesis of mannans and other biopolymers.

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The cost of mannitol is about 25% the cost of mannose.
The major carbohydrate fraction in the gel is a water-soluble long chain mannose polymer which accelerates wound healing, modulates immune function (particularly macrophage activation and production of cytokines) and demonstrates antineoplastic and antiviral effects.
1, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Pfanstiehl has announced the launch of cGMP-produced, high purity Mannose (USP/NF, EP), manufactured in the USA under ICH Q7 compliant conditions.
POL bears three conserved motif of 'QXDXNXVXY', which is essential in the mannose recognition, whereas OJL has two conserved motifs and one mutated site.
fragilis lacking the gene that directs the conversion of mannose to fucose, then the researchers grew the bacteria on a nutrient-rich medium containing both sugars.
Previous studies have shown that Escherichia coli ORN178 has mannose binding sites on its surface, which causes it to bind to D-Mannose-biofunctionalized Nanoparticles and induce aggregation of bacteria.
Lectin could be used to block HIV from attacking cells because the proteins in the flower bulbs are drawn and bind to a sugar called mannose, which is found in the protein envelope that holds HIV together and helps it destroy human cells.
PNGase F is a broad specificity amidase that liberates high mannose, hybrid and complex N-linked glycans from glycoproteins.
DAVANAT, the company's lead drug candidate, is a carbohydrate (polysaccharide) polymer derived from plant sources composed of mannose and galactose.
Drawn from the symposium of September 2003 in New York, the general topics of these 23 papers include an overview, advances in polymeric matrices (including injectables, poly(ortho esters) novel nanogels, hydrogels, dual-release minirods, Fourier transform infrared imaging, and silver-based antimicrobal coatings, and drug particle engineering, including using supercritical fluid technology, compressed carbon dioxide, mixing and block copolymer stabilization, spray freezing into a liquid, and fast-dissolving tablets based on mannose.
ANOVA showed significant effects of site and depth for mannose and rhamnose, a significant interaction between site and depth for rhamnose, and only a site effect for arabinose, xylose, and ribose (Table 3).
Diseases associations of mannose binding lectin and potential of replacement therapy.