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Six covered loading bays, including four with dock levelling equipment, and a dedicated vehicle manoeuvring area ensure easy and safe loading.
A ramp that is entered through gates on the south side of the upper floor leads down to a generous underground manoeuvring area for hearses.
The company has taken a total of 9,000sqm, of which 5,000sqm will be warehousing and the rest will be manoeuvring area.
* De Luxe Beds, formation and extension to existing vehicle loading and manoeuvring area and new retaining wall, Fern Street, Birkby.
A BBC journalist and two cameramen spent half an hour wandering among the planes in the aircraft manoeuvring area at the airport before being stopped.
The BBC journalist and two cameramen spent half an hour wandering among planes in the aircraft manoeuvring area at Humberside airport.
Boeing Air Traffic Management (ATM) will reportedly conduct a study of the Beijing Capital International Airport (BCIA) terminal manoeuvring area and ground operations.
A long glazed gallery stretched due north from Edelsvard's elegant nineteenth-century Gothic railway station; it ran between the car park to the east and the bus manoeuvring area in Nils Ericsonsplats.
Under the change three main network flows will be created via new coordination points, one mainly for northern arrivals in the London Terminal Manoeuvring Area (TMA), one mainly for Heathrow arrivals, and one mainly for Gatwick arrivals.
The radar will monitor the movements of aircraft and vehicles in the airport's manoeuvring area.
ERA has won a contract to provide a WAM system that covers the Terminal Manoeuvring Area of Osh International Airport and two main flight corridors en-route towards the borders with Kyrgyzstans neighbours, namely Russia, direction Moscow.
But he said: "I have some concern with regard to the car parking capacity at the A & E parking area and the manoeuvring area for ambulances.