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C6H12O6 A fermentable monosaccharide obtained from manna.



a monosaccharide of the general formula C6H12O6 (an isomer of glucose); a component of many polysaccharides and mixed biopolymers of plant, animal, and bacterial origin.

Mannose is readily soluble in water and has a sweet taste. Its melting point is 132°C Only the D-form occurs naturally. In its free form, mannose is present in many citrus fruits, as well as in fruits of the genera Anacardium and Corynocarpus. Mannose is converted in the organism with the help of its activated form, guanosine diphosphate mannose (GDPM), which serves as a mannose-radical donor in the synthesis of mannans and other biopolymers.

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Tambem deve ser considerado que os PNAs (polissacarideos nao-amilaceos) e os [beta]-glucanos sao polimeros lineares de glicose e os [alpha]-mananos sao constituidos de polimeros de glicose e manose, o que podem aumentar a viscosidade do bolo alimentar, diminuindo a velocidade de transito e consequentemente de consumo (SILVA; NORNBERG, 2003).
Um dos modos de acao do MOS e a adsorcao de agentes patogenos que podem colonizar o trato gastrintestinal ligando-se aos acucares manose na superficie do intestino.
Musical support comes from David Darling on cello, Kit Walker on keyboards, and the Nepalese bansuri maestro Manose.