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C6H12O6 A fermentable monosaccharide obtained from manna.



a monosaccharide of the general formula C6H12O6 (an isomer of glucose); a component of many polysaccharides and mixed biopolymers of plant, animal, and bacterial origin.

Mannose is readily soluble in water and has a sweet taste. Its melting point is 132°C Only the D-form occurs naturally. In its free form, mannose is present in many citrus fruits, as well as in fruits of the genera Anacardium and Corynocarpus. Mannose is converted in the organism with the help of its activated form, guanosine diphosphate mannose (GDPM), which serves as a mannose-radical donor in the synthesis of mannans and other biopolymers.

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Cosmic Connections Live is an album recorded live during the 2014-2015 world tour of Deva Premal & Miten with Manose, featuring a glorious concert of tanpura, keyboard, guitar, wood flute, and dulcet singing.
Na analise qualitativa dos carboidratos, em cromatografia de camada delgada, foram observados monossacarideos com fatores de retencao (Rf) de 0,45 e 0,43, referentes a manose e glicose, respectivamente.
Tambem deve ser considerado que os PNAs (polissacarideos nao-amilaceos) e os [beta]-glucanos sao polimeros lineares de glicose e os [alpha]-mananos sao constituidos de polimeros de glicose e manose, o que podem aumentar a viscosidade do bolo alimentar, diminuindo a velocidade de transito e consequentemente de consumo (SILVA; NORNBERG, 2003).
All CoNS blood culture isolates were identified in species by the detection of enzymes (coagulase, catalase, phosphatase, ornitine, urease and pyrrolidinyl arylamidase), hemolytic activity, production of acid from manitol, manose and trealose, polymixine and desferrioxamine resistance and confirmed by API STAPH ID32 system (bioMerieux Vitek, Australia) following the manufacturer's instructions.
Other structural polysaccharides include hemicellulose (composed of xylose, manose, and galactose) and pectin (composed of galactose).
Camera (color, DV), Bridgham, Dinesh Deokota; editor, Mona Davis; music, Manose Newa, Christopher James Thomas; sound, Evan Benjamin.
July 30, listen to flutist Manose Singh from Nepal.
It is chiefly glucose, containing some xylose and possibly small amounts of galactose, manose, and arabanose.
These include: rhMBL, recombinant human Manose Binding Lectin for immuno-suppressed patients, Oncaspar([R]), a PEG-enhanced version of a naturally occurring enzyme called L-asparaginase, and PEG-SN38, a PEGylated form of the active moiety of CPT-11 or Camptosar([R]).
Efeito do uso de oligossacarideo manose e acidificantes em racoes com alto teor de amido, para coelhos em crescimento.
2002), trabalhando com quatro prebioticos a base de fruto-oligossacarideos, lactose, manose e sacarose comparam estes ao antibiotico avilamicina, verificando que os prebioticos podem ser usados como promotores de crescimento para frangos de corte abatidos aos 42 dias de idade, sem comprometer a qualidade de carcaca, em substituicao ao antibiotico.
Os microrganismos sao catalase e urease positivos, fermentam carboidratos sem a producao de gas (maltose, manose, glicose) e nao fermentam a lactose (6).