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1. a large and imposing house
2. a less common word for manor house
3. Brit a block of flats
4. Astrology any of 28 divisions of the zodiac each occupied on successive days by the moon
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A large and imposing dwelling; a large apartment in a building.
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What does it mean when you dream about a mansion?

Our house is often a symbol of our body, so a mansion in a dream can represent a “rich” sense of self or even an exaggerated sense of self. A mansion might also represent our future potential, as something we might eventually grow into. (See also Home).

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1. A very large, imposing, stately residence.
2. In colonial times, the residence of a landholder.
3. A manor house; also called a mansion house.
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BURNS: Nigerian Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab was injured TARGET: Northwest Airlines Flight 253 on the runway after arriving at Detroit INVESTIGATION: Police outside the mansion block in Mansfield Road, close to Oxford Street, London, where Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, a man with suspected links to al Qaeda who tried to blow up a transatlantic plane, had been living
A ten minute walk from the famous town centre shopping in an established area off the A41 bypass, the three storey mansion block provides homes priced from pounds 146,995.
Mid Worcestershire MP Peter Luff (Con) is renting a flat in a Victorian mansion block from Chelsea midfielder Frank Lampard, through a management company.
People with a fixed rental budget of pounds 600 a month could afford a studio flat in some districts of London, a one-bedroom flat in Manchester and a two-bedroom mansion block conversion in Edinburgh.
Meanwhile, Scotland Yard detectives continued to search the 23-year-old former student's luxury apartment in a central London mansion block as it emerged he had links with al Qaida.
My colleague Stephanie Busari was outside Crosby's Westminster mansion block at 5.15am to catch him on his way to another wretched 17-hour day inside Tory HQ.
Work has started on the restoration and conversion of an early 19th century Grade ll* listed mansion block at Clarence Terrace, part of the spa town's envied architectural collection.
She was finally reported to police last Monday after evading tight security and breaking into the mansion block which contains Beckham's penthouse.
The couple moved with daughters Amber, eight and four-year-old Alice from a huge, five-storey house in Clapham to the compact flat in a mansion block overlooking Battersea Park.
In the late 1930s, luxury apartments were created at Viceroy Close on the Bristol Road at Edgbaston, an impressive mansion block of generous homes in landscaped gardens.
Prince Edward's girlfriend Sophie Rhys-Jones is following in the footsteps of Diana - by moving into a flat in the mansion block where the Princess lived as her romance with Charles blossomed.
When police finally caught up with her, SWAT teams descended from the roof of her smart mansion block and armed officers burst in through the front doors.