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see rayray,
extremely flat-bodied cartilaginous marine fish, related to the shark. The pectoral fins of most rays are developed into broad, flat, winglike appendages, attached all along the sides of the head; the animal swims by rippling movements of these wings.
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a city in Ecuador, on the Pacific Ocean. Population, approximately 44,400 (1969). Manta is the principal port for the export of coffee (two-thirds of the country’s coffee export). It has a vegetable-oil extraction plant, fish canneries, and enterprises of the wood-products industry. Manta is well known for the manufacture of Panama hats.

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The boat had left the port of Manta, Ecuador, without permission, the Colombian Navy said.
Customs Department aircraft spotted a third boat southwest of Manta, Ecuador. A VP-16 P-3C Orion crew relieved the Customs plane and maintained contact until the Coast Guard arrived.
Herman and Candelaria ran out of money in Manta, Ecuador, seven months after their trip began.
Differences to the itinerary described herein are that Manta, Ecuador, replaces La Salinas; the San Blas Islands are called on instead of Balboa; and debarkation is in Ft.
A brochure lists stop-overs, with a day on the beach at Norfolk, Virginia, a visit to the Kennedy Space Center at Port Canaveral, Florida, across the Caribbean to the Bahamas and on via the Panama Canal to Manta, Ecuador, for whale spotting.
When negotiations collapsed in 1998 (see EcoCentral, 1998-07-09), the US established smaller centers in Aruba and Curacao in the Netherlands Antilles, and at Manta, Ecuador. It was unable to negotiate a center with Costa Rica and started talks with El Salvador to anchor the Central American section (see NotiCen, 2000-05-04).
MANTA, ECUADOR (TAP) - The death toll from Ecuador's biggest earthquake in decades soared to at least 235 on Sunday as rescuers using tractors and bare hands hunted desperately for survivors in shattered coastal towns.
He commanded the 965th Expeditionary Airborne Air Control Squadron, from Tinker Air Force Base, Okla., during its four-month deployment to Forward Operating Location Manta, Ecuador.
In addition, the Pentagon is investing in expanded infrastructure in the region, with four military bases in Manta, Ecuador; Aruba; Curacao; and Comalapa, El Salvador, known as "cooperative security locations," or CSLs.