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see rayray,
extremely flat-bodied cartilaginous marine fish, related to the shark. The pectoral fins of most rays are developed into broad, flat, winglike appendages, attached all along the sides of the head; the animal swims by rippling movements of these wings.
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a city in Ecuador, on the Pacific Ocean. Population, approximately 44,400 (1969). Manta is the principal port for the export of coffee (two-thirds of the country’s coffee export). It has a vegetable-oil extraction plant, fish canneries, and enterprises of the wood-products industry. Manta is well known for the manufacture of Panama hats.

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6 million (plus Mantas' cash on hand), with Safeguard receiving net sale proceeds of approximately $113 million in cash (including a portion to be held in escrow) for its 88% ownership interest in Mantas.
We chose Mantas because it is a proven product, and is able to cover a large number of subsidiaries and jurisdictions.
Mantas was originally formed as a business unit of SRA International Inc.
We saw a need among our community and regional bank customer base to make it easier to navigate the software purchases they need to be successful," said Simon Moss, CEO, Mantas.
The combination of Serasa, Mantas and DMR respectively present a combined portfolio that presents the Brazilian Banking industry with the opportunity to lead the world in providing seamless Credit, AML and Risk Management to all banks, no matter what size.
We're excited to be working with Bermuda Commercial Bank," added Darren Innes, executive vice president and general manager, EMEA, Mantas.
They are very excited about the prospect of running Mantas on Teradata and bringing their operating costs even lower and increasing performance and scalability.
Peter Harrison, CEO at Induslogic said, "With the integration of Mantas, we added significantly to our Center of Excellence in developing and maintaining enterprise class Data Warehousing products, and we expect our revenues in this field to increase substantially in 2006.
Maybe in a year we'd find something like a dozen mantas that had been harvested.