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A sedimentary or igneous ore body occurring in flat-lying depositional layers.
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(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

Manto, asteroid 870 (the 870th asteroid to be discovered, on May 12, 1917), is approximately 16 kilometers in diameter and has an orbital period of 3.5 years. It is named after a Greek prophetess. If prominent in a natal chart (e.g., conjunct the Sun or the ascendant), Manto may show a person able to intuit the future or someone who is always seeking information about the future. Manto’s location by sign and house may indicate how and where one best intuits the future.


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Release date- 03092019 - PRIZE MINING CORPORATION ('Prize' or the 'Company') (TSXV:PRZ) (OTCQB:PRZFF) (MQSP:GR:FRANKFURT) is pleased to announce assay results from the Phase 2 surface sampling program on its Manto Negro Copper-Silver Project in Coahuila State, Mexico.
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