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A sedimentary or igneous ore body occurring in flat-lying depositional layers.


(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

Manto, asteroid 870 (the 870th asteroid to be discovered, on May 12, 1917), is approximately 16 kilometers in diameter and has an orbital period of 3.5 years. It is named after a Greek prophetess. If prominent in a natal chart (e.g., conjunct the Sun or the ascendant), Manto may show a person able to intuit the future or someone who is always seeking information about the future. Manto’s location by sign and house may indicate how and where one best intuits the future.


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The curator of the gallery, Dr Arjumand Faisel said they wanted to celebrate 10 years of the gallery by paying tribute to a literary figure through visual arts and that Manto was the undisputed choice.
Afterall, Manto did play the role of the questioning writer and had he been alive today, he would have seen that his pleas fell on deaf ears.
According to a private news channel, during this time Bari enthusiastically discovered Hugo's 'The Last Days of Condemned', a drama expression opposition to capital punishment, and he encouraged Manto to attempt a translation of it into Urdu.
We need to know Manto if we are to serve and save our society, for one single fact that he was an embodiment of truth," she said.
The Manto Negro Copper Project consists of seven mining concessions covering a total of 17,959 hectares and is located in the State of Coahuilla approximately 315 km northwest of Monterrey, Mexico and 100 km west of Monclova.
Escritor y periodista boliviano, tambien conocido por su seudonimo Coco Manto.
My wife was in a coma for five days until Ina's mantle was placed on her breast, and that woke her up,' Alcomendas recalled of the manto he had borrowed from the caretaker of the image.
She has been noticed before for her roles in Digest Writer and Manto.
The Manto Sipi Cree Nation filed a statement of claim Sept.
KARACHI -- Oxford University Press (OUP) organized an event on the recently released film Manto, which is a biographical drama film based on the life of the legendary and controversial short story writer Saadat Hassan Manto (1912-1955).
Kaun Hai Yeh Gustakh, a play on the life of Manto, has to go on stage as no one expressed the pain of Partition and displacement as well as he did,"he says.
El caballero Martin fue soldado romano, y una tarde de invierno, gelida, en que la gente caia muerta de frio en las calles de Amiens, salio a caballo, envuelto en su manto de caballero, y cabalgo por la carretera que formaba parte de la gran ruta romana de Lyon a Boulogne.