Mantoux Test

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Mantoux test

[man′tü ‚test]
An intradermal test for tuberculin sensitivity, that is, for past or present infection with tubercle bacilli.

Mantoux Test


tuberculin test: an allergic diagnostic test.

The Mantoux test, which is more sensitive than Pirquet’s reaction, was developed by the French scientist C. Mantoux in 1908. It is performed intracutaneously on the shoulder or forearm. A positive reaction indicates an allergic state as a result of contact with the causative agent of tuberculosis.

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d) Advices patient to do Mantoux test and if positive, start patient on Anti-Tubercular treatment.
The results of ELISA and Mantoux test correlate well with PCR.
25 subjects were positive in the Mantoux test and negative in the in vitro assay (Table 1).
Table showing Results of Mantoux Test Count of Mantoux Grand Total Report Negative Positive Granulomatous 14 60 74 Lymphadenitis Reactive 22 0 22 Suppurative 3 0 3 Lymphadenitis Secondary Deposits 1 0 1 Total 40 60 100 Table 2.
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He was then advised chest X-ray which was normal ESR was 40mm Mantoux test was negative ACE level was 62 IU/L (normal up to 52 IU/L) and serum calcium was on higher side i.
Interpretation of TST/ Mantoux test is not merely measuring the induration of the test site.
A full blood count showed lymphocytosis, the Mantoux test was strongly positive with cross-sectional (horizontal) induration of 16 mm, the chest radiograph showed some hilar prominence, and fine-needle aspiration cytology (FNAC) showed acid-fast bacilli on Ziehl-Neelsen staining (Fig.
His Mantoux test turned out to be negative indicating his rectal disease could be primary in the backdrop of his negative HIV status.
He advised Mantoux test, Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology (FNAC) of Right Axillary Lymph Node, Pleural Biopsy, Ultrasonography (USG) of the thorax for any mass and Computerized Tomography (CT) of chest.
Mantoux test was done, which was negative and thus tuberculosis was ruled out.