Mantoux Test

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Mantoux test

[man′tü ‚test]
An intradermal test for tuberculin sensitivity, that is, for past or present infection with tubercle bacilli.
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Mantoux Test


tuberculin test: an allergic diagnostic test.

The Mantoux test, which is more sensitive than Pirquet’s reaction, was developed by the French scientist C. Mantoux in 1908. It is performed intracutaneously on the shoulder or forearm. A positive reaction indicates an allergic state as a result of contact with the causative agent of tuberculosis.

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This over-reliance on Mantoux test could be because of the inadequate exposure of the clinicians to the recent guidelines.
Mantoux test of the patient showed positively reactivity with a 18 mm indurations after 48 hours.
Out of 100 patients, 30 patients had a positive Mantoux test.
Each of the subjects in the study were subjected to the Mantoux test, administering 0.1 ml of PPD suspension at a concentration of 5 UI/ml (Biocine Test PPD, Chiron, SI, Italy) following the protocols of consent for administration and reading/interpretation.
I always thought that the Mantoux test containing five tuberculin units of PPD should be administered intradermally.
The tuberculin skin test, also known as the Mantoux test, can identify most people infected with tubercle bacilli six to eight weeks after initial exposure.
With energy, a person can have a negative Mantoux test and still have active tuberculosis.
Although there is more than one TB skin test, the preferred method of testing is to use the Mantoux test. For this test, a small amount of testing material is placed just below the top layers of skin - usually on the arm.
Mantoux test was positive in 76.7% of the cutaneous tuberculosis patients.
The Mantoux test is sensitive for latent infection by Mycobacterium species in the Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex, although the test has known cross-reactivity for NTM (including M.
Connective tissue and infective screening including venereal disease research laboratory test (VDRL), angiotensin converting enzyme, antineutrophil cytoplasmic antibodies, antinuclear antibodies, retroviral serology, chest X-ray, and Mantoux test were normal.