Mantoux Test

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Mantoux test

[man′tü ‚test]
An intradermal test for tuberculin sensitivity, that is, for past or present infection with tubercle bacilli.

Mantoux Test


tuberculin test: an allergic diagnostic test.

The Mantoux test, which is more sensitive than Pirquet’s reaction, was developed by the French scientist C. Mantoux in 1908. It is performed intracutaneously on the shoulder or forearm. A positive reaction indicates an allergic state as a result of contact with the causative agent of tuberculosis.

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Staff at the DTCs and CFs typically 1) performed Mantoux tuberculin skin tests, 2) performed or arranged for HIV counseling and testing, 3) either referred persons with positive tuberculin reactions for evaluation (DTCs) or performed evaluations on site (CFs), 4) provided directly observed isoniazid (INH) preventive therapy to infected inmates and clients, and 5) monitored inmates and clients for toxicity to INH.
This advice is based largely on the characteristics of the main screening modality; the Mantoux tuberculin skin test.
We defined a skin-test converter as a person who had at least one previous unreactive Mantoux tuberculin skin test (no measurable induration 48 to 72 hours after administration) that, on retesting at a later date, was reactive (induration [greater than or equal to] 10 mm, 48 to 72 hours after administration), as documented by the hospital's employee health nurse.