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(mŭ`no͞o), semilegendary Hindu lawgiver. Traditionally ascribed to him are the Laws of Manu, best known of the Sanskrit smriti texts (see Sanskrit literatureSanskrit literature,
literary works written in Sanskrit constituting the main body of the classical literature of India. Introduction

The literature is divided into two main periods—the Vedic (c.1500–c.200 B.C.
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). They were compiled, probably between 200 B.C. and A.D. 200, from diverse ancient sources and provide detailed rules, presumably directed to Brahman priests, governing ritual and daily life. In particular they seek to validate and preserve the high caste position of the Brahmans.


See The Laws of Manu, tr. by G. Bühler (1886, repr. 1967).

References in classic literature ?
He had heard noisy little Manu, and even the soft rustling of the parting shrubbery where Sheeta passed before either of these alert animals sensed his presence.
He thought of little Manu hugging his she, and how the one seemed to belong to the other.
For the Gomangani there is another Gomangani," he said; "for Numa, the lion, there is Sabor, the lioness; for Sheeta there is a she of his own kind; for Bara, the deer; for Manu, the monkey; for all the beasts and the birds of the jungle is there a mate.
IMPONITE MANUS, and not MANUM-place the HANDS, not the HAND.
Manu, who captained his country at last year's World Cup, was allowed to divert to the Pacific islands on the way back from the Black and Whites' recent trip to Australia.
We're really thankful because Manu has just had a much publicised lay-off from the game and is back fit and had got through a quality 80 minutes," O'Connor said.
In practice, the Sangh carries the influence of its second chief, MS Golwalkar, who lavished praise on the virtues of Chaturvarnya, while also glorifying Manu Smriti.
29 ( ANI ): Recently, there were reports that Aanand L Rai is teaming up again with Kangana Ranaut for 'Tanu weds Manu Returns 3'.
When Pete and Manu arrive at the contestants' homes, it's like royalty have turned up (indeed, they may well be TV royalty Down Under).
I've been really impressed by how committed Manu is to come over here and be part of this group.
MANU responded saying that the claims of the director of the National Historical Museum of Bulgaria, Bozhidar Dimitrov, were inaccurate and utterly tendentious.
It was said that Manu met the 40-year-old victim at the nightclub.