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Manu (mŭˈno͞o), semilegendary Hindu lawgiver. Traditionally ascribed to him are the Laws of Manu, best known of the Sanskrit smriti texts (see Sanskrit literature). They were compiled, probably between 200 B.C. and A.D. 200, from diverse ancient sources and provide detailed rules, presumably directed to Brahman priests, governing ritual and daily life. In particular they seek to validate and preserve the high caste position of the Brahmans.


See The Laws of Manu, tr. by G. Bühler (1886, repr. 1967).

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He had heard noisy little Manu, and even the soft rustling of the parting shrubbery where Sheeta passed before either of these alert animals sensed his presence.
Nor did they ever fully understand this strange creature who ran through the trees as quickly as Manu, yet was even more at home upon the ground than themselves; who was except as to color like unto themselves, yet as powerful as ten of them, and singlehanded a match for the fiercest denizens of the fierce jungle.
He thought of little Manu hugging his she, and how the one seemed to belong to the other.
"For the Gomangani there is another Gomangani," he said; "for Numa, the lion, there is Sabor, the lioness; for Sheeta there is a she of his own kind; for Bara, the deer; for Manu, the monkey; for all the beasts and the birds of the jungle is there a mate.
IMPONITE MANUS, and not MANUM-place the HANDS, not the HAND."
Manu said: "Hopefully, I can give the supporters one last treat before I retire.
The Ngati Manu tribe is visiting Taiwan on a two-week trip to trace their roots on the island, as some researchers believe that the Austronesian language was first developed in Taiwan.
Manu created United Against Bullies, an organisation that aims to support children - particularly those of primary school age - who are dealing with bullying.
Sharing a photo of Manu, she wrote: "It was a fairly good night last night.
Kwaku Manu emphasized that in recent times, the only time they talk is when they either meet on set for a movie shoot or they are both invited for a program, which was not the case some years ago.
Mansur Manu Soro who before contesting was a political aide to the State Governor on School Feeding Program polled a total of ?