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A new waste system trialled in just one theatre last year by Counties Manukau in New Zealand diverted 100kg of waste from landfill each week.
Tribal's Chief Operating Officer, Keith Evans, said: "We are delighted to have been chosen and look forward to supporting the University of Queensland, Manukau Institute of Technology (MIT) and Tertiary Accord New Zealand (TANZ), with the systems they have selected.
Manix is an incentive and event based teen reading program run by Manukau Libraries.
The new Manukau Harbour crossing was officially opened yesterday, seven months ahead of schedule, providing eight extra traffic lanes and cutting 20 minutes of the travel time between the city and airport.
Sports mad Owain is working for Counties Manukau Cricket Club and Scott for a New Zealand DiY chain, while Phil has been doing all sorts of joinery, including working on a fishing boat.
Manukau 17 Auckland 6; week two: North Harbour 27Wellington 30, Manawatu 5 Southland 18, Waikato 14 Tasman 16, Otago 13 Canterbury 20, Bay of Plenty 45 Co.
He now works as an English lecturer at the Manukau Institute of Technology in the southern part of the city of Auckland on North Island.
The airport's two biggest shareholders, the Auckland and Manukau city councils, which have around 23 percent, both retained their stakes and voted against the bid.
The "fortunate" employer was Counties Manukau District Health Board.
of Auckland) is an economic development planner for the Manukau City Council.
The arrivals retail space will almost double, and arriving passengers will move from the current pier along a walkway with views over the airfield and Manukau Harbour, to the new shopping area.
The subsidiary in Manukau City, Auckland, was established in 1972.