Manure Loader

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Manure Loader


a machine for removing manure from manure pits and loading it into vehicles. It may also be used for removing silage from trenches or pits. In the USSR, self-propelled crane loaders and tractor-mounted grab-bucket loaders are used.

The main working member of a crane loader is a vibrating grab bucket. As the manure loader moves along the storage pit, the toothed jaws of the grab bucket dig into the manure as a result of the vibrations created by a vibrator mounted on the bucket. To lift the bucket, a winch is engaged, and the jaws that have sunk into the manure are closed. The bucket is raised by means of a cable to a moving carriage and transferred to the unloading area along an inclined crane boom. The productivity of such a machine is 5–10 tons/hr; its carrying capacity is 240–300 kg, its loading height is 2.4 m, its removal depth is 3–5 m, and its power consumption is 3.8 kilowatts.

The tractor-mounted manure loader has a grab bucket controlled by a hydraulic cylinder, which seizes the manure and loads it into vehicles. The productivity of the tractor-mounted loader is up to 25 tons/hr, its carrying capacity is 400 kg, and the loading height is 3.6 m. The loader is mounted on a 0.6-ton self-propelled chassis.

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