manuscript illumination

manuscript illumination:

see illuminationillumination,
in art, decoration of manuscripts and books with colored, gilded pictures, often referred to as miniatures (see miniature painting); historiated and decorated initials; and ornamental border designs.
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, in art.
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Re-Inventing Traditions: On the Transmission of Artistic Patterns in Late Medieval Manuscript Illumination
He produced, and encouraged in his students, studies that explored the human dimensions of phenomenologically comprehensible structures like time, space, and movement: in studies, for instance, of the iconology of architecture, or manuscript illumination, or the ontological and anthropological relevance of metaphors.
Albans Psalter), reveal new information on medieval glass painting and the fine art of manuscript illumination.
Open to children aged five and above, the workshops will also explore the art of manuscript illumination, preparing their own versions of manuscripts using ancient technique.
Keene is a scholar of European manuscript illumination and the history of gardens, botany, and pharmacopoeia.
And, conversely, it is feasible that the schema for illustrating stage props developed from contemporary illustration conventions signifying physical objects, such as the baldachin-like structure, which appears in varying forms in both religious and secular manuscript illumination.
The Venetian works are grouped into themes and media, including manuscript illumination, tomb sculpture, triumphal imagery, and decorative works.
She is a specialist in French Gothic and Flemish Renaissance manuscript illumination.
Since the illustrations in manuscripts (called illuminations) are small by comparison with most other paintings, the word miniature, borrowed into English from Italian miniature, came to mean not only a manuscript illumination but any small painting, and eventually anything very small.
Modern art historians see the Luttrell Psalter as a vitally important example of medieval manuscript illumination, evident in the number of books that both replicate its illuminations and decode its imagery and symbols.
Another interest was manuscript illumination, which is displayed in The Song of the Three Holy Children (1986), to name only one example.