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Longy A Manx cat with a tail that approaches full length, but is still disproportionately short for the body.
And we know about the loveable tailless Manx cats, lip-smacking kippers and succulent lamb -- but did you know the island has the oldest continuous parliament in the world?
Manx cats are missing which part of the feline anatomy?
Angie Willems, of Coventry Pet Search, said: "There cannot be that many Manx cats in Coventry, so this is quite unusual.
Back when the island was known for little more than the Laxey Wheel and Manx cats, a group of brothers were singing three part harmony in their parent's living room.
Manx cats are tailless and are often to be seen, darting in and out of hedgerows.
The Zoology boys will be glad to know that the Manx cats have tails which are practically absent.