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, South American people, occupying most of S central Chile at the time of the Spanish conquest (1540). The Araucanians were an agricultural people living in small settlements.
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The 570-megawatt dam, scheduled to begin operating in December 2003, mostly affects the Pehuenche, the most militant of the Mapuche people.
The Mapuche people, with a population of roughly 1.7 million, 80% of whom live in Chile, were one of the few indigenous groups that survived the Spanish conquest.
KEYWORDS: teacher education, intercultural and bilingual education, Indigenous language, preschools, Mapuche people.
Holler gathered specimens of the plant, which comes from the Persea family, in Chile, where the Mapuche people use the leaves of the avocado plant to heal wounds.
This book is based on 12 years of the author's ethnographic fieldwork among the Mapuche people of southern Chile.
His defense of the native Mapuche people, their land threatened by modern development, creates much tension in the Reyes home.
"Merken has played a central role in the ancient traditions and cuisine of the native Mapuche people, indigenous inhabitants of Central and Southern Chile, in the Araucania region of Chile for centuries," says Paulina Penaloza, co-founder of Chileangourmet.