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, South American people, occupying most of S central Chile at the time of the Spanish conquest (1540). The Araucanians were an agricultural people living in small settlements.
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With his compound from the medicine chest of the Mapuche people, Holler can lower the MIC value by at least eight times:
28) Such "security" policies allow the routine violation of rights of certain population groups, the criminalization and repression of social movements (of women in Nicaragua, the Mapuche people in Chile, rural populations and young people in Colombia), the disappearance of social leaders and participation of national armies in these operations.
There is much to learn from Mallon's account that has a more general relevance to understanding the 20th-century historical trajectory of the Mapuche people in their relationship with the state.
After the conference they traveled to Chile to meet with the Mapuche people to discuss their opposition to plantation forestry, and particularly GE tree plantations.
Chile's use of the anti-terrorism law for crimes committed by Mapuche in the context of land conflicts, which do not approach this threshold of seriousness, is not only inappropriate but also reinforces existing prejudices against the Mapuche people," finds the Human Rights Watch report.
Native lands have been militarized, and many Mapuche people have been beaten and politically imprisoned.
The Mapuche people have been defending their ancestral lands for more than 350 years.
Settled and still cherished by the native Mapuche people, the region has 10 volcanoes, scores of lakes and white-water rivers, and 10 national parks and reserves.
In 1989, Floriano Cariqueo Colpihueque founded Promur, an organization that promotes the economic and cultural recovery of Chile's Mapuche people.
The political power in Chile remains in the hands of the minority, descended from Europeans Millions of acres of indigenous land has been confiscated, and anti-terrorist legislation introduced during the Pinochet era is still used exclusively against the Mapuche people.
Since the decision to build the dam (Central Hidroelectrica Ralco), which the government says is needed to satisfy growing energy demands, confrontations between the indigenous communities and the carabineros (militarized police) in the Bio Bio and Araucania regions of Chile have left a trail of dead, wounded, and detained and have brought international attention to the plight of the Mapuche people.