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in North African countries:

(1) Muslim saint; also, leader or founder of a religious brother-hood of the Dervish order.

(2) More broadly, a Muslim monk, member of a religious brotherhood; the same as “dervish.”

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The Orders are hierarchically arranged, and at the local level they are organized around religious authorities known as marabouts. Funds for the Orders are raised from religious taxes and donations, proceeds from cash crops, commercial enterprises, and school fees.
Villalon defines it as the "unquestioned unit of religious allegiance for groups of a marabout's disciples in a given locale" (p.
The practice of istikhara consists of reciting a special prayer while waiting for a dream to bring a response and sleeping beside the tomb of a Muslim cleric (aneslem, which is often translated as marabout).
Its carries the name of the marabout Sisi Abi Saadoun.
(13) Also, Lat Dior's mother, Ngone Latir and Lingueer Yaasin Bubu were very popular in the Marabout wars in Kajoor.
The contrast is not favorable to the Wolof: "Our demokaraasie is to do what the marabout orders" (p.