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in North African countries:

(1) Muslim saint; also, leader or founder of a religious brother-hood of the Dervish order.

(2) More broadly, a Muslim monk, member of a religious brotherhood; the same as “dervish.”

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This blending of traditional and biomedical was also apparent within the services accessed, for example certain Marabouts were reported to actively encourage pregnant women to access formal antenatal services.
Qadiriya, la plus ancienne des confreries, a ete fondee au 12eme siecle par le marabout Cheick Abd al Qadir al-Jilani et elle a eu un role important dans l'islamisation de la population de l'Afrique subsaharienne, en particulier grace au developpement du centre commercial et religieux Tombouctou.
La femme, comedienne; l'aventurier, comedien; le marabout, patient; le chef du village, patient; la femme du chef du village, patiente.
As the Ladies Howard and Fitz-Patrick each hire a governess, the noble--and More-quoting--Miss Porson in the first case and the more frivolous Miss Marabout in the latter, the situation becomes even more complicated.
She explained that the Oku Marabout group is found mainly in Banjul and the Kanifing Municipality, but noted that they also have settlements in the major groundnut trading centres, such as Baligho, Kanikunda and Kuntaur.
As marabouts they could provide both military guidance and "spiritual and occult" assurances to those in revolt (Diouf 1998:153).
If there is someone who comes here with a mysterious problem," said Sambou, "we recommend them to someone else, maybe a marabout or another person who works with God.
Selon Cheikh (37 ans, arrive en France en 1995, vendeur toucouleur, originaire de la Vallee du Fleuve, de confrerie tidjane), <<la proprietaire de la boutique que tu vois la m'a dit un jour ou elle etait tres en colere et depitee : "Je vais aller au Senegal voir un marabout pour que les touristes n'achetent plus chez vous car vous nous piquez tous nos clients">>.
To the passers by who hear her scream, the profligate Marabout (8) explains that "the Blue Djinni, coming from the Dead Sea, in the region separating Jews and Arabs, is torturing the madwoman" (2002, 27).
If two wives, one wife go to marabout [in The Gambia, a combination of priest, sage, healer, diviner, and amulet maker] to make other wife get sick, die, or go away.
Most wear a talisman made by a marabout or holy man to guard against evil spirits but, until recently, their lives were more seriously threatened by unclean water.
Morocco) analyzes the ritual practices of Jinn evictions in the marabout institutions of Islamic Morocco.