a district in northern Rumania, in the Eastern Carpathians. Area, 6,200 sq km. Population, 465,400 (1971). The administrative center is Baia-Mare. The industry of Maramureş, accounts for approximately 2 percent of the country’s gross industrial output and 1.3 percent of its agricultural output. A significant part of the country’s nonferrous metals are produced in the district. Corn, wheat, oats, flax, hemp, and potatoes are grown, and there are apple orchards in the foothills (the area is first in the number of apples harvested). In 1970 there were 141,000 head of cattle, 69,500 hogs, and 234,000 sheep in Maramureş.

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Contract award notice: Technical assistance for the preparation of the financing application and the awarding documentation for the regional development project for the water and wastewater infrastructure in maramures county, 2014-2020
On December 1, 1918 the People's Assembly in the city of Alba Iulia (South-West Transylvania) unanimously adopted a Resolution stating the union of the provinces of Transylvania, Banat, Crisana and Maramures (until that time part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire), all with Romanian-majority population, with the Kingdom of Romania.
Luckily, the County Council of Maramures was very open to my ideas and fully supported my participation at the 5th WCF.
Chapters are: the business of creative tourism and creativity in the tourism business; negotiating mobility: on the slow move; mein Mallorca: a German-Spanish love affair; commercial cinema, location shooting and othe tourism effecto; nature, culture and the genesis of the concept of travel; the appeal of otherness: reconstructions of self in contemporary travel writing; representations of Maramures in contemporary female travel writing: Dervla Murphy, Caroline Juler and Bronwen Riley; tourist experience in narrative fiction: E.
In December 2014-January 2015 issue, periodical ranked India's Hyderabad at second position on the list, which included cities Zermatt in Switzerland, National Mall in Washington DC, Corsica, Choquequirao in Peru, Sark in Channel Islands, Koyasan in Japan, Oklahoma City, and Maramures in Romania.
Transylvania, Crisana, Banat and the Maramures area.
A wonderful account by a young Englishman who moved to Maramures.
The most popular Romanian regions for rural tourism are Brasov (Bran-Moieciu, Fundata, Rasnov, Cristian), Bucovina, Maramures and Marginimea Sibiului.
In 1944 the Soviet Union invaded Romania, and by 1948 the prison was used for political dissidents, mainly students and peasants from Maramures.
Traditional rural life is evident in much of the country, especially in Transylvania and Maramures, with the Carpathian Mountains one of Europe's true remaining wildernesses.
9-megawatt plant to be located on the Sapanta river in the Maramures region.
A second blast at the building several hours later injured another ten people, said Cornel Babut, spokesman for the local Maramures emergency office.