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a district in northern Rumania, in the Eastern Carpathians. Area, 6,200 sq km. Population, 465,400 (1971). The administrative center is Baia-Mare. The industry of Maramureş, accounts for approximately 2 percent of the country’s gross industrial output and 1.3 percent of its agricultural output. A significant part of the country’s nonferrous metals are produced in the district. Corn, wheat, oats, flax, hemp, and potatoes are grown, and there are apple orchards in the foothills (the area is first in the number of apples harvested). In 1970 there were 141,000 head of cattle, 69,500 hogs, and 234,000 sheep in Maramureş.

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Luckily, the County Council of Maramures was very open to my ideas and fully supported my participation at the 5th WCF.
In December 2014-January 2015 issue, periodical ranked India's Hyderabad at second position on the list, which included cities Zermatt in Switzerland, National Mall in Washington DC, Corsica, Choquequirao in Peru, Sark in Channel Islands, Koyasan in Japan, Oklahoma City, and Maramures in Romania.
Topics of the 19 papers include characteristics of rural tourist enterprises developed by the "new peasants" of Maramures, inheritance in Serbia between custom and law, material culture as a source of Orthodox Christian identity in Serbia at the end of the 20th and beginning of the 21st century, official memory of the 1980 coup in Turkey, and interpretations of cultural heritage in European capitals of culture.
Transylvania, Crisana, Banat and the Maramures area.
This will happen in the context of an overall growth of Romania's domestic tourism this year, according to the same source.Most of the foreign tourists who buy accommodation in local rural guesthouses come from neighboring countries such as Hungary as well as Germany, France (especially individual tourists), Israel but also Japan (groups).The most popular Romanian regions for rural tourism are Brasov (Bran-Moieciu, Fundata, Rasnov, Cristian), Bucovina, Maramures and Marginimea Sibiului.
In 1944 the Soviet Union invaded Romania, and by 1948 the prison was used for political dissidents, mainly students and peasants from Maramures. In the 1950s, dignitaries from all over the country were transported to Sighet, most of them over sixty years old and working as ministers, academics, military officers, journalists, politicians, historians, bishops, Greek and Roman Catholic priests, and economists.
In 2002, Maramures had 55.7% from the total Ukrainian population, followed by Suceava (13.9%), Timis (12%), Caras-Severin (5.8%), Arad (2.8%), Satu Mare (2.5%) and Tulcea (2.1%).
The firm is to invest EUR23m in the 9.9-megawatt plant to be located on the Sapanta river in the Maramures region.
A second blast at the building several hours later injured another ten people, said Cornel Babut, spokesman for the local Maramures emergency office.
The papers deal with overarching questions of the national formulation and implementation of the policy; different regional experiences of collectivization; the relationship between Soviet geo-political interests and national and regional factors in the collectivization of Dobrogea; the role of ethnicity in the collectivization of the Banat region; collectivization, communist authority, and class in the Maramures region; resistance to collectivization in the Sibiu region; persuasion techniques and community reactions in Corund; and social relations on a model agricultural collective, among other topics.