Marc Ancel

Ancel, Marc


Born July 14, 1902, in Izeste, France. French scholar; lawyer; specialist in the field of criminal law, criminology, and comparative law studies. Member of the Institute of France (1970).

Ancel has been a professor in the faculty of law of the University of Paris and president of one of the chambers of the Court of Appeals of France since 1968. He has also been president of the International Society for Social Defense, vice-president of the International Association of Criminal Law, and president of the International Association of Juridical Sciences (1965–68). He heads the French Center for Comparative Law Studies in Paris. Ancel was one of the organizers of the regular meetings of French lawyers with lawyers from socialist countries, including the Soviet-French symposia. The publication Introduction to the System of Soviet Criminal Law (1962), containing a French translation of the Criminal Code and the Code of Criminal Procedure, in addition to the law governing the judicial system of the RSFSR, was published in France with Ancel’s collaboration. Ancel is editor of the journals Revue internationale de droit comparé and Revue de science criminelle et de droit pénal comparé.


Introduction comparative aux codes pénaux européens. Paris, 1956.
Les Codes pénaux européens, présentées dans leur texte actuel, vols. 1–3. Paris, 1954–57. (With J. Marx.)
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Habria que destacar a la Escuela positivista italiana (Enrico Ferri), asi como a la Escuela de la nueva defensa social, inspirada en los postulados de la Escuela italiana, uno de cuyos maximos representantes de esta nueva corriente en Francia ha sido Marc Ancel (p.