March 15, 2022

March 15, 2022


Buzzard Day (Sunday following March 15)

Fairbanks Winter Carnival (Second week in March)

St. Joseph's Day (March 12-19)
Celebrated in: Colombia

Legal Holidays by Countries

J. J. Robert's BirthdayLiberia
Revolution and Independence DayHungary
Youth DayPalau
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The deadline for the payment on bonds is March 15, 2022.
In conjunction with the closing of the transactions, Triangle will announce the redemption of the company's 6.375% Notes due December 15, 2022 with an aggregate principal amount outstanding of $80.5M and the company's 6.375% Notes due March 15, 2022 with an aggregate principal amount outstanding of $86.25M.
31,2021, and the charity made the payment on March 15, 2022. Thus, the payment date was the 15th day of the third month (or 21h months) after the later of the employee's or the employer's tax year in which the substantial risk of forfeiture lapsed.
It will pay interest semi-annually in arrears on March 15 and September 15 of each year from September 15, 2012, and will mature on March 15, 2022, unless earlier redeemed or repurchased.
The senior notes have a maturity date of March 15, 2022. The net proceeds of this offering are being used to finance repayment of 6.75 percent Notes due May 1, 2012, and for general corporate purposes.
The 'F1+' on the series 2015 GR-2 notes is now based on the support provided by an LOC to be provided by State Street that has a stated expiration date of March 15, 2022, unless extended or earlier terminated.