March 3

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March 3 Fateh Jang, March 4 Tarlai, March 7 Bhara Koh Urban, March 8 Dhamial, March 9 Westridge, March 10 Sukho, March 11, G-11, March 14 Jhanda Chichi, March 15 Margallah, March 16 Sohawa, March 17 Dina-1, March 18 Khana Dak, March 21 Committee Chowk,, March 22 Wah Cantt, March 24 Hattian, March 25 Tarnol, March 28 F-Block, March 29 Rewat, March 30 Murree and March 31 Quaid e Azam Colony Sub Division.
Tactical Aircraft: Status of the F/A-22 and JSF Acquisition Programs and Implications for Tactical Aircraft Modernization, GAO-05-390T, March 3, 2005
The anarchic tykes of ``South Park'' will likewise be enshrined in a museum event March 3 featuring creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone as well as other behind-the-scenes talents.
John Campbell was mentioned in the March 2 issue and was featured in the March 3 Orange County Register .
patent: 5,723,529 Issued: March 3, 1998 Inventors: Yvon Andre Bernard, Uwe Ernst Frank, Wolfgang Lauer, Thierry Florent Edme Materne, Friedrich Visel and Rene Jean Zimmer Assigned: Goodyear Tire & Rubber
patent: 5,723,545 Issued: March 3, 1998 Inventors: Brace Allan Harrington, Patrick Brant and Anthony Jay Dias Assigned: Exxon Chemical Patents Inc.
patent: 5,723,550 Issued: March 3, 1998 Inventors: Cruise K.
Oscar and AMC: Cable's American Movie Classics channel will salute the upcoming Academy Awards by airing an Oscar-winning movie each weeknight from March 3 through March 28.
The Oscar month kicks off March 3 with ``All Quiet on the Western Front.
Palm Springs area: The California Desert Circuit Horse Shows will run Wednesday through March 3 at the Empire Equestrian Center, 81-500 Avenue 52 at Monroe Street, Indio, with finals featuring Olympic and world-class competitors.
March 3 at the Sacramento Convention Center Exhibit Hall, 14th and J streets; admission is free.