Markos Botsaris

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Botsaris, Markos


Born 1790; died Aug. 21,1823. Hero of a Greek national liberation uprising during the years 1820–29. Born into an influential family in the mountain community of Suli.

During the war between Ali Pashe Tepelena and the sultan (1820–22), Botsaris commanded a detachment made up of inhabitants of Suli, which inflicted a number of defeats on the Turkish forces. Botsaris later took part in the defense of Mesolongion. On the night of Aug. 21, 1823, he led a small detachment on an attack on the significantly superior forces of the invaders near Karpenision. The Turks were routed, but Botsaris was killed in the battle.

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* "Marco Bozzaris" by Fitz-Greene Halleck (1790-1867)
In collaboration with Joseph Rodman Drake, Halleck contributed the satirical "Croaker Papers" to the New York Evening Post in 1819, and on the death of Drake he wrote the moving tribute beginning "Green be the turf above thee." Other popular works were the feudal romance "Alnwick Castle" (1822), "Burns" (1827), the often recited "Marco Bozzaris" (1825), "Red Jacket" (1828), and "Young America" (1865).
When Drake died in 1820 Halleck wrote an elegy, beginning "Green be the turf above thee, friend of my better days." Another popular poem was <IR> MARCO BOZZARIS </IR> (1825), again an imitation of Byron.