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in the Bible: see Mark, SaintMark, Saint
[Lat. Marcus], Christian apostle, traditional author of the 2d Gospel (see Mark, Gospel according to). His full name was John Mark. His mother, named Mary, had a house in Jerusalem, which the Christians used as a meeting place. Mark accompanied St. Paul and St.
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The Marcus team listened to thousands of consumers share their experiences managing personal debt.
1985 Marcus Avenue and The Granite Buildings are meant to cater to different users and highlight the gulf that has emerged on Long Island between the quality of the area's existing office space and that of new construction that is being developed.
It was Monday; Marcus took his only secondary school uniform from a plastic grocery bag that hung from a nail in the wall.
And when Marcus describes the recording of the song, in June 1965, with all its false starts and dead ends, we see how perilously close it came to never existing at all: "The singer is trying to find his way into his song, plinking notes on the piano.
Marcus is a 16-year old African-American who is trying to decide his future plans.
Of course we believe that parents should be the ones who talk with small children about things like sex, but Marcus McLaurin's school seems to think that he was talking about sex when all he was talking about was his two mothers," said Joe Cook, executive director of the ACLU in Louisiana, in a prepared statement.
We can get a sandwich at my house," Marcus offered.
Marcus' father, aunt and uncle founded the chain in 1907, but it was Marcus that was credited with turning the chain into a bastion of luxury retailing.
Gradually the figure who fascinates Marcus let his cravings get the better of him.