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(Marcus Cornelius Fronto) (frŏn`tō), fl. 2d cent., Roman teacher and rhetorician, b. Numidia, Africa. Antoninus Pius made him consul in 143. A successful teacher and government official, Fronto was an admirer of the early Latin writers and tried unsuccessfully to bring about a renaissance. His extant correspondence (2 vol, 1919–20, Loeb Classical Library) with Marcus Aurelius, Lucius Verus, Emperor Antoninus Pius, and others, is invaluable for insights into imperial life.


See also E. Champlin, Fronto and Antonine Rome (1980).

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He relies upon a wealth of archaeological, numismatic, and epigraphic sources, such as the ancient writings of Marcus Cornelius Fronto, Cassius Dio, Herodian, and those that appeared in the Histori Augusta.
This article considers the Roman orator, Marcus Cornelius Fronto, teacher of the young Marcus Aurelius, in his guise as African expatriate at Rome.
These intimidating circumstances form the background for the correspondence between Marcus Aurelius Antoninus, Roman Emperor from 161 to 180, and Marcus Cornelius Fronto, a prominent orator who was hired to instruct the young Caesar-in-training in rhetoric.

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