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I could go on, AP of Prudhoe, where Margaret Hilda Thatcher is concerned, and well you know it.
Margaret Hilda Thatcher. Even the quaint,oldfashioned middle name isn't enough to soften the impact made by one of the strongest personalities of the modern age.
I will not forget Margaret Hilda Thatcher. Her statue should remain as a stark reminder of just how wrong the British electorate can be.
If that happens, no one will deserve to take more of the credit than Margaret Hilda Thatcher.
In the subsequent general election, one Margaret Hilda Thatcher became Prime Minister.
History itself will decide the pedigree of Margaret Hilda Thatcher and not the ill-informed scribblings of a Maggie fan like Nichol, or even a non-Maggie fan such as myself.
The words are those of Margaret Hilda Thatcher, then leader of Her Majesty's opposition, in 1978.
The words are those of one Margaret Hilda Thatcher, then Leader of Her Majesty's Opposition, on World In Action (Granada, 1978) - over 25 years ago.
Margaret Hilda Thatcher, born October 13, 1925, in Grantham, Lincolnshire, was Britain and Europe's first female Prime Minister, from 1979-90.