Margaret Maid of Norway

Margaret Maid of Norway,

1283–90, queen of Scotland (1286–90), daughter of Eric II of Norway and granddaughter of Alexander IIIAlexander III,
1241–86, king of Scotland (1249–86), son and successor of Alexander II. He married a daughter of Henry III of England and quarreled with Henry, and later Henry's son Edward I, over the old English claims to overlordship in Scotland.
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 of Scotland. In 1284 the nobles of Scotland recognized the infant Norwegian princess as heiress presumptive to the Scottish throne, and on Alexander III's death Margaret became queen under a regency. Edward I of England arranged a marriage for her with his eldest son, Edward, and this union was agreed to by the Scots in the Treaty of Birgham (1290), which stipulated that Scotland would remain independent. Margaret, however, died on the voyage from Norway to Scotland. The resultant dispute over the succession gave Edward I an opportunity to try to subjugate Scotland.
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