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WHEN did Margaret of Parma become Governor of the |Habsburg Netherlands?
Until 1559 the King had ruled from Brussels, but ibn that year he departed for Spain leaving his half sister, Margaret of Parma, as his regent.
Although the perpetrators of the Iconoclastic Fury numbered less than a thousand, Margaret of Parma assured the king that 'almost half the population over here practice or sympathise with heresy' and that the number of people in arms 'now exceeds 200,000'.
He had dispatched Alba from Spain with full powers as captain-general of the royal army but ordered him to share civil authority with Margaret of Parma.
Ever since Charles V left the Netherlands to claim his Spanish inheritance in 1517, junior members of the dynasty had served as regents: his aunt, Margaret of Austria, his sister Mary of Hungary, his nephew Emanuel-Philibert of Savoy, his daughter Margaret of Parma.
Catherine was one of a number of powerful women ruling, or helping to rule Europe in the 16th century, a group which included Mary Tudor, Elizabeth I, Mary, Queen of Scots and her mother Marie de Guise, regent of Scotland, Margaret of Austria, Margaret of Parma and Juana 'la Loca', ruler of Spain; a group branded as a 'monstrous regiment' by John Knox.