Marginal Sea

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marginal sea

[′mär·jən·əl ′sē]
A semiclosed sea adjacent to a continent and connected with the ocean at the water surface.
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Marginal Sea


a sea adjacent to a continent and partly enclosed by peninsulas or islands. Marginal seas are usually located on the continental shelf and slope, and only a few have sections in deep-water parts of the ocean. All their characteristics, for example, the nature of bottom deposits, climatic and hydrological conditions, and organic life, are strongly influenced by both the continent and the ocean. Typical marginal seas include the Barents, Kara, Laptev, East Siberian, Chukchi, Norwegian, and Bellingshausen seas.

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The Strait of Bab Al Mandeb works as a gate ,all waters in and out of the sea must pass through it, no other gates exist, making the Red Sea what is known as a semi-enclosed marginal sea. The Red Sea can be viewed as a mini-ocean, like a toy model ocean, most of the oceanic features in a big ocean such as the Atlantic.
Professor Yan Pin, an academy researcher with the Key Laboratory of Ocean and Marginal Sea Geology from the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Guangzhou, told the news agency that the Manila Trench is one of the candidate locations for the underwater base because its depth exceeds 5,000 meters, which appears to be suited for the project requirement.
Circumventing this marginal sea imposes significant costs in terms of extra fuel, wear and tear on equipment, and crew fatigue, but such challenges are manageable compared to rounding South America or Africa.
The southern South China Sea (SSCS) is a tropical marginal sea with a complex geographical setting in Southeast Asia.
IYZSZ ophiolites reveal geochemical features related to the interplay between India and Eurasian plates once separated by the large Tethys Ocean and associated smaller basins such as the Neo-Tethys marginal sea. We present series of geochemical diagrams showing the diversity of geodynamic settings for ophiolite massifs and related ophiolitic melanges.