Maria Banus

Banuş, Maria


Born Apr. 10, 1914, in Bucharest. Rumanian poetess.

Banuş. entered the field of literature during the years preceding World War II. After the liberation of the country from fascism (1944), Banus embodied in her poems the feelings of a Rumanian woman who has begun to participate in conscientious civic life (the cycle Joy, 1949). The themes of socialist construction, peace, and brotherhood among nations are expressed in New Poems (1949–52), About the Earth (1952), and I Address Myself to You, America (1955), Banuş wrote the plays The Great Day and The Lovers. She is also a translator.


Versuri alese. [Bucharest, 1953.]
Poezii. [Bucharest, 1958.]
In Russian translation:
Velikii den’. Moscow, 1954.
Stikhi. Bucharest, 1958.
Stikhi. Moscow, 1960.


Micu, D. Poezia Mariei Banuş. Bucharest, 1956.
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