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Teacher educator Mariamne Whatley (1992) describes how, when training future health teachers, "the interest is not in such potentially provocative issues as safer sex but in safer teaching; one of the first questions from the class is usually whether they will get 'in trouble' for teaching this material" (p.
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(6.) Mariamne Beuscher, "Rural Youth in Poverty More Likely to Be Disconnected," RCAC, May 23, 2017,
Menos ortodoxos, Daniel Casper von Lohenstein (1635-1683), Johann Christian Hallman (1640-1716?) y August Adolph von Haugwitz (1647-1706) hacen de sus propios heroes (Ibrahim Bassa, Epicharis, Ibrahim Sultan, Maria Estuardo, Mariamne...) los modelos de una resistencia mas activa.
This is how the house of Herod is emptied of rivals, real or imagined: First his wife Mariamne's brother, next Herod's own brother, then his wife's grandfather, then Mariamne herself.
(15) In summary, Herodias was the daughter of Aristobulus IV, making her Herod's granddaughter by way of his second wife, Mariamne the Hasmonaean.
A few years before Jesus' birth, Herod, afraid of being overthrown by a usurper, executed many of his close family members, including his wife, Mariamne, and his sons by her.
"There was a period when botany was terribly important and we had a couple of very good examples in Wales like Theresa Anne Llewelleyn of Penllergaer and Mariamne Johnes of Hafod, both of whom were girls who were very serious about their botanising.
Names were carved on six of the ten ossuaries and have been read as: Jesus son of Joseph, Maria, Mariamne kai Mara, Jose, Judah son of Jesus, and Matthew.
Folklorist Jan Harold Brunvand has documented countless cautionary tales of sexual acts that are told as if they happened to an actual person in the area.(10) However, where Brunvand may be more family friendly, Mariamne Whatley and Elissa Henken delve into the more explicit side of sexual urban legends (including variations of the famous "peanut butter" story that I heard twenty years ago in high school) to illustrate the real world consequences of this misinformation.(11) Brunvand notes that these tales often happened to a "friend of a friend," because they are invariably twice removed from the one who relates the story.(12)
Siffrid, by Elizabeth Hervey, specifically contrasts the two qualities: "Lady Mariamne, laying aside her usual forbidding haughtiness, was all condescension" (71).
Herodias (13 BC-AD 39) was the daughter of Aristobulus IV (31-7 BC), the son of Herod the Great by Mariamne. Consequently, Herodias was Antipas' half-niece by blood.