Marie Anne Collot

Collot, Marie Anne


Born in 1748 in Paris; died Feb. 23, 1821, in Nancy. French classicist sculptor.

In 1764, Collot began studying under E. M. Falconet, with whom she subsequently worked in Russia between 1766 and 1778. She was made a member of the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts in 1767. Collot sculpted the head of Peter I (plaster of paris, c. 1773, Russian Museum, Leningrad) for Falconet’s monument to the monarch in St. Petersburg. Her numerous busts are noted for lively portrayal (Voltaire, marble, c. 1770; D. Diderot, 1772; E. M. Falconet, 1773—all in the Hermitage, Leningrad).


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