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, Ger. Marienburg, town (1994 est. pop. 40,100), Pomorskie prov., N Poland, on the Nogat River. It is a rail junction with sugar refineries and dairies. Originally a castle founded (1274) by the Teutonic Knights, Malbork became the seat of their grand master in
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, Poland.
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Contract notice: New monastery ichtershausen - children ~s castle marienburg.
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In early July, 1940, he was incarcerated in Stalag XX-B, close to Marienburg Castle in Germany.
Eichendorff was concerned not only with the preservation of the medieval past through art, but also with the actual restoration of such acclaimed ruins as the Cologne cathedral and the castle at Marienburg.
On April 9, 1944, the Spirit of Flak Wolf flew from the 303rd's home field, England's Royal Air Force Station Molesworth, near western Cambridgeshire, to participate in a mission to Marienburg, Germany.
Tras esta diaspora, se instalaron en cuatro zonas: Frisia oriental, el valle del Rin, Hamburgo y, desde 1600, invitados por el gobierno de Prusia, en el delta del Vistula, cerca de Danzig, Marienburg y Elblag, en Prusia oriental.
The choice of timeframe for this work coincides with the final stages of the Christianisation of Prussia by the Teutonic Order and the establishment of the Order's headquarters in Marienburg (Polish: Malbork) in the wake of the Order's takeover of Pomerelia in 1308.
In the center of the map is Marienburg and Riesenburg.
While playing her first role as the maiden from Marienburg, she observes the "assembled crowd," which causes her heart to pound "fiercely" (392).
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In July 1410 a Polish-Lithuanian army invaded Prussia and marched towards the Order's stronghold at Marienburg (now Malbork in Poland).