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, Ger. Marienburg, town (1994 est. pop. 40,100), Pomorskie prov., N Poland, on the Nogat River. It is a rail junction with sugar refineries and dairies. Originally a castle founded (1274) by the Teutonic Knights, Malbork became the seat of their grand master in
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, Poland.
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Jimmy Johnstone and a friend went on the run from the prisoner of war camp Stalag XXB in Marienburg in June 1943.
For five years, he took everything Stalag 20b, in Marienburg, East Prussia, now Poland, had to throw at him.
Behind the small shop in the Marienburg, a medieval merchants' warehouse in the old town, the spicy scent of rum wafts from dark storerooms, mixed with the fine aromas of vanilla and smoky wood.
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En 1984, la Asociacion Marienburg, fundada como respuesta al manifiesto titulado <<Testimonios del Espiritu que habita en nosotros>> (1983), tuvo un poco mas de exito y aun continua en activo, a pesar del envejecimiento de sus miembros y el declinar de sus efectivos.
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In early July, 1940, he was incarcerated in Stalag XX-B, close to Marienburg Castle in Germany.
(51.) These included Wilhelm Mannhardt, Die Wehrfreiheit der Altpreufiischen Mennoniten (Marienburg, 1863); Peter M.
Naiteks ei saa perioodi kohta andmeid Rujiena (saksa Rujen, eesti Ruhja), Salacgriva (saksa Salis), Apekalnsi (saksa Oppekaln), Aluksne (saksa Marienburg, eesti Aluliina), Gaujiena (saksa Adsel, eesti Koivaliina) ja Lugasi (saksa Luhte, eesti Luke) puhul.
On April 9, 1944, the Spirit of Flak Wolf flew from the 303rd's home field, England's Royal Air Force Station Molesworth, near western Cambridgeshire, to participate in a mission to Marienburg, Germany.