Mariia Aleksandrovna Kolenkina

Kolenkina, Mariia Aleksandrovna


(married name, Bogorodskaia). Born Dec. 12 (24), 1850, in the village of Lebedian’, in present-day Lipetsk Oblast; died Oct. 31, 1926, in Irkutsk. Russian revolutionary and Narodnik (Populist). From a lower middle-class family.

Kolenkina was a member of the Kiev Commune in 1873 and took part in the “Going to the People” movement in 1874. She participated in the circle of “southern rebels” in Kiev in 1875. Kolenkina was active in Land and Liberty. She put up armed resistance to her arrest in St. Petersburg in 1878. In 1880 a military court sentenced her to ten years at hard labor, which she served in the Kara region. From the end of the 1880’s she was engaged in teaching and worked in the Irkutsk museum.


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