Mariia Gervasievna Baratashvili

Baratashvili, Mariia Gervasievna


Born July 8 (21), 1908, in Chiatura. Soviet Georgian poet and playwright. Graduated from the philology department of the University of Tbilisi in 1945. Published her first work in 1936.

Baratashvili is the author of a narrative poem about children (Nanuli, 1941), several collections of poems for children, the well-known lyric comedy Marine (Russian translation The Dragonfly, 1953; film of the same name, 1954), which depicts the working life of a Georgian village after the war; and the plays My Kvivileti (1959), Lofty Dream, Floors, and others. Some of her verses have become popular folk songs (“Sapovnela” and others).


In Russian translation:
Mamin pomoshchnik. Moscow, 1966.
Ia liubliu. Tbilisi, 1958.
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