Mariia Konstantinovna Bashkirtseva

Bashkirtseva, Mariia Konstantinovna


Born Nov. 11 (23), 1860, in the village of Gavrontsy, Poltava Province; died Oct. 19 (31), 1884, in Paris. Russian writer and artist.

Bashkirtseva lived abroad from 1870. She is known as the author of Diary, written in French (1887; published in Russian translation in 1892), which contains descriptions of her travels in Italy and Spain and her appraisal of French (E. Manet) and Spanish (D. Velazquez) artists. I. E. Repin’s, V. Ia. Briusov’s, and A. France’s opinions on Bashkirtseva have been preserved.


Dnevnik. St. Petersburg-Moscow, 1916.
Neizdannyi dnevnik M. Bashkirtsevoi i perepiska s Giui-de-Mopassanom. Yalta, 1904.
Dziennik. Warsaw, 1967. (Translated from French.)


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Dashkova died in 1810; Mariia Konstantinovna Bashkirtseva [Bashkirtseff] was born on her father's family estate in Poltava, Ukraine, 48 years later.
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