Mariia Leontevna Sulimova

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Sulimova, Mariia Leont’evna


Born July 15, 1881, in Nikolaev; died Nov. 1, 1969, in Moscow. Participant in the revolutionary movement in Russia. Member of the CPSU from 1905.

The daughter of a worker, Sulimova herself became a plant worker in St. Petersburg in 1904. During the Revolution of 1905–07, she was a member of the fighting technical group of the Central Committee of the RSDLP and then conducted party work in Kiev and St. Petersburg. After the February Revolution of 1917, she was technical secretary of the St. Petersburg committee of the RSDLP(B) and worked in the Military Organization under the Central Committee of the RSDLP(B). She helped prepare and run the June 1917 All-Russian Conference of Frontline and Rear Garrison Military Organizations of the RSDLP(B). After the July days of 1917, V. I. Lenin hid in Sulimova’s apartment on July 5 and 6 (18 and 19).

Beginning in August 1917, Sulimova was on the staff of the Central Committee of the RSDLP(B). Between 1919 and 1927 she was on the staff of the People’s Commissariat for Military Affairs and worked in the State Trading Organization of the RSFSR and the Moscow Committee of the ACP(B). From 1927 she was an editor at the Moskovskii Rabochii and Izvestiia publishing houses and the publishing house of the People’s Commissariat for the Navy. From 1936 to 1938 she worked in the political section of the intelligence administration of the People’s Commissariat for Defense. In 1939 she became involved with party and scientific work; she was scientific adviser and academic secretary of the House of Scientists of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR. In 1950 she became a personal pensioner.

Sulimova was awarded two orders and various medals.

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