Marino Faliero

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Faliero or Falier, Marino

(märē`nō fälyā`rō, fälyār`), 1274–1355, doge of Venice (1354–55). As commander of Venetian forces he defeated (1346) Louis I of Hungary at Zara, and later he held high diplomatic posts. Soon after his election as doge, the Genoese triumphed over the Venetians. The new doge, at odds with patricians who had insulted his family, joined dissatisfied plebeians in a conspiracy to assassinate the nobles, overthrow the oligarchy, and make Faliero dictator. The plot was discovered; Faliero and his accomplices, tried by the Council of Ten (see Ten, Council ofTen, Council of,
in the republic of Venice, a special tribunal created (1310) to avert plots and crimes against the state. It was a direct result of the unsuccessful Tiepolo conspiracy against the Venetian oligarchy. In 1335 the body was given permanent status.
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), were executed. Faliero's life has inspired works by Byron, Swinburne, Delavigne, Delacroix, and Donizetti.
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WHEN HE WAS elected doge in 1354, Marin Falier was a veteran of seventy-six.
Marin Falier himself admitted his guilt and was beheaded at the top of a staircase leading up from the inner courtyard.
But for a year they could rotate into the Zonta (a body created in the fourteenth century to advise the Ten on great matters of state and to spread the responsibility for the decision to depose and execute Doge Marin Falier), after which they could return to the Council.

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