Marine Maps

Marine Maps


special geographic maps of the seas and oceans that are designed for ship navigation and for solving other problems related to the study and use of the world’s oceans for economic and scientific purposes.

Marine maps are compiled and published by hydrographic (oceanographic) services. In the USSR they are prepared by the Main Administration of Navigation and Oceanography of the Ministry of Defense. Depending on their purpose and content, marine maps are subdivided into three groups: navigation charts, special purpose maps, and reference and auxiliary maps.

Special purpose maps are used to meet the needs of the navy. Reference and auxiliary maps include maps whose purposes and content are not used directly for ship navigation but help in solving both navigational and other problems on the applied and scientific levels. Examples of such maps are maps of the time zones, maps of the elements of terrestrial magnetism, and many other maps in the Marine Atlas. Auxiliary maps also include orthodromic maps (for selecting sailing routes along the great circles), boat maps (for ensuring arrival of lifeboats at the nearest shores or islands when ships are wrecked), and maps with generalized or reduced general geographic features that are usually used as cartographic bases (blank forms) in preparing various graphic documents and materials.


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The 14 routes will be represented in global marine maps, Nawfal Al Jourani, Director of Communications at Dubai Maritime City Authority, told Gulf News.
Respectively, they participated in stands against fanatical Japanese attacks at the Tenaru River in August (it was actually the Ilu River; Marine maps were that poor), and on a ridge south of the all-important American airfield in October.
She situates individual world maps like Bianco's, Mauro's, and an ellipsoid Genoese world map of 1459 in the confrontation between marine maps and a changing image of the inhabited world of circular format.
There is a need for such a service, namely, an Internet-mediated navigation assistance service that provides waterway travelers with marine maps and recommended routes between trip start points and trip end points.
A Marine air strike hit an Army command post because coordinates on Marine maps didn't match the Army's.
Players begin by selecting their equipment such as specialized marine maps, remote operated vehicles, sonar systems and a towed underwater camera.
Additionally these applications have been tied into satellite, aviation, and marine maps for situational awareness.

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