Marine Picture

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Marine Picture


a picture representing the sea; a type of landscape.

In European art, marine pictures were first considered an independent branch of the landscape in the 17th century. Their primary task was to depict important historical events at sea and to reproduce in detail military vessels, for which the sea served mainly as a decorative background. The marine picture reached the height of its development in 17th-century Dutch painting and graphic art. Dutch artists, such as J. Porsellis, S. de Vlieger, H. Seghers, J. van de Cappelle, L. Bakhuyzen, and W. van de Velde, effectively conveyed the elemental nature of the sea and depicted the life of fishermen. Their works include gala scenes in which ships and boats with human figures occupy center stage and broad, majestic expanses of the sea are revealed.

The greatest 18th- and 19th-century marine painters and graphic artists included C. J. Vernet in France, Katsushika Hokusai in Japan, J. M. Turner in England, H. W. Mesdag in Holland, and I. K. Aivazovskii and A. P. Bogoliubov in Russia. In Soviet times, marine pictures have been painted by V. V. Meshkov, I. F. Titov, and E. Kalnyn’.

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Philip Olivier gives the thumbs up as the Daffodil arrives for refurbishment work at Carmet Marine Picture: PAUL FROST
A single sensor can support multiple operations such as an air picture and a marine picture at the same time, or a vessel traffic picture, optimized for large shipping traffic, while also providing a law enforcement picture for detection and tracking of small contacts.
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The sale also included a marine picture section, amongst which was rather a nice collection of engravings by William Lionel Wyllie, RA (1851-1931) making between pounds 250 and pounds 880 apiece.
"My pictures vary from hunting ones bought by my father 50 years ago, which I'm very fond of, to marine pictures," said Dan.
In her marine pictures, the quintessential tenets of the "new painting"--by 1875 synonymous with Impressionism--are manifest: rendering in paint the atmospheric effects of light and water in a spontaneous composition that suggests painting on the spot.
IF PURDEY shotguns and Sam Walters marine pictures are out of my reach, there was no point even thinking about bidding on this Charles Sergeant Jagger bronze of "Wipers" (military slang for Ypres).
Other marine pictures in the sale include a fine watercolour by Charles Dixon (1872-1934) entitled The City Pool, of the Thames below Tower Bridge, busy with shipping (estimate pounds 3,000-5,000); a watercolour of a Cornish cove by Ralph Todd (1856-1932); and a black and red ink study of a breakwater and steps by the 20th century architectural artist John Piper (1903-1992).
If Sam Walters marine pictures are out of my reach, there was no point even thinking about bidding on the Charles Sergeant Jagger bronze of Wipers - military slang for Ypres.
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