Marinescu, Gheorghe

Marinescu, Gheorghe


Born 1863; died 1938. Rumanian neurologist. Academician of the Academy of the Socialist Republic of Rumania (1906).

Marinescu worked in the laboratories of J. Charcot and E. Du Bois-Reymond. In 1897 he established the first independent chair of neurology in Rumania, which he headed for more than 40 years. He played a significant role in spreading the ideas of I. P. Pavlov in world scientific circles. In 1935, Marinescu was awarded a prize by the French Academy of Sciences for his monograph on conditioned reflexes. He made a substantial contribution to the study of the cytoarchitecture of the cerebral cortex and developed a theory of the “reflex mechanism of trophic function.” Marinescu created an important school in medicine, whose representatives included C. Parhon. He was a

Table 1b. Results of Mariner flights
Mariner 1Launch vehicle with Mariner 1 deviated from course and was destroyed.
Mariner 2Fly-by of Venus on Dec. 14, 1962, at a distance of 34,600 km. Communication with
Mariner 2 was maintained until Jan. 4, 1963. Artificial satellite of the sun.
Mariner 3Contact with Mariner 3 lost ten hours after launch. Artificial satellite of the sun.
Mariner 4Fly-by of Mars on July 15, 1965, at a distance of 9,850 km. Communication with
Mariner 4 was maintained until Dec. 20, 1967. Artificial satellite of the sun.
Mariner 5Fly-by of Venus on Oct. 19, 1967, at a distance of 3,990 km. Communication with
Mariner 5 was maintained until Nov. 22, 1967. Artificial satellite of the sun.
Mariner 6Fly-by of Mars on July 31, 1969, at a distance of 3,430 km. Artificial satellite of the sun.
Mariner 7Fly-by of Mars on Aug. 5, 1969, at a distance of 3,430 km. Artificial satellite of the sun.
Mariner 8Launch vehicle carrying Mariner 8 went out of control and fell into the Atlantic Ocean.
Mariner 9On Nov. 13, 1971, became the first artificial satellite of Mars. Between Nov. 13, 1971,
and Oct. 27, 1972, made 7,329 photographs from the surface of MaYs, as well as
photographs of the Martian moons Deimos and Phobos.
Mariner 10Fly-by of Venus on Feb. 5, 1974, at a
distance of 5,700 km; fly-by of Mercury at a distance of about 1 ,000 km.

member of the Society of Friends of the USSR when reaction was rampant in Rumania. Marinescu was an honorary member of seven foreign academies of sciences and 22 scientific societies of countries in Europe and America, including the Moscow Society of Neuropathologists and Psychiatrists.


La Cellule nerveuse, vols. 1-2. Paris, 1909.
Des Réflexes conditionnels. Paris, 1935. (With G. Dumas.)
In Russian translation:
Kriticheskii ocherk khirurgii spinnogo mozga na voine. Petrograd, 1917.


Shpil’mann, I. “George Marinesku i russkaia nauka.” Sovetskoe zdravookhranenie, 1964, no. 1.
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