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an urban-type settlement, the center of Mar’inka Raion, Donetsk Oblast, Ukrainian SSR. Located 6 km from the Krasnogorovka railroad station, the terminus of a railroad branch from the Krasnoarmeiskoe-Rutchenkovo line. Mar’inka has a tire-repair plant, a dairy, and a bakery. There is also a foodstuffs combine.

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Fishery department specialists will plant 8 million eggs of marinka and carp.
I can relate to the main character Marinka, even though she is 12 and I am only 7.
Against Darkstar Derbyshire on Saturday, coach Manuel Santos started with Mara Mata, Aggie Kozlovska, Marinka van Bergen, Julia Constantinou, Daniella Webb-Porto, Diana Beljaars and libero Aspasia Karyofylli.
In Sophie Anderson's engaging novel, she is much loved by her adopted granddaughter, Marinka, and kindly to all the dead people who, nightly, she guides through the Gate into the spheres beyond.
He will take on Mad Dog Marinka Matosevic, the Aussie who has fallen to world No.138 after losing his last 10 matches.
In Ukraine, Harf highlighted reports from the Organization for Security Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) that Russian-separatists forces launched coordinated attacks overnight against Ukrainian positions near Donetsk, Kempinski, Luhansk, and Marinka. "We are now seeing reports that the town of Marinka may have fallen," Harf asserted.
As Marinka, the Bosnian refugee, points out, they may all be living in the same building, but they do not share the same life: 'anche se abitiamo nello stesso palazzo, non vuol dire che siamo tutti nella stessa barca' (38).
Eduard Basurin, a spokesman for the republic's Defense Ministry, said the attack on the hospital was launched from Ukrainian positions in the town of Marinka.
According to the lead teacher of the academy, Marinka Stuvel, the students were honored that the volunteers donated their professional time to visit and engage with them.
MARINKA, Ukraine -- War came to this small farm town Friday night in the form of rockets that crashed into an apartment building near a rebel base, killing a man while he was watching television in his living room.
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