Mário Soares

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Soares, Mário


Born Dec. 7, 1924, in Lisbon. Portuguese political and state figure.

Soares graduated from the University of Lisbon with degrees in philology and law. In 1964 he helped found the Portuguese Socialist Action, which was reorganized as the Portuguese Socialist Party in 1973. Soares became secretary-general of the party in 1973. He was nominated as a candidate for the National Assembly by the legal opposition in 1965 and 1969. Soares was arrested and exiled for his political activities numerous times. He lived as an emigré in France between 1970 and the victory of the revolution on Apr. 25, 1974. From May 1974 to July 1975 he served as minister of foreign affairs and minister without portfolio in the provisional government of Portugal. Soares headed the first constitutional government in Portugal from July 1976 to July 1978. In October 1980 he resigned as secretary-general of the Portuguese Socialist Party.

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1986 Mario Soares is sworn in as Portugal's first civilian president in more than half a century.
Pour l'ancien president de la Republique Portugaise, Mario Soares, [beaucoup moins que]feu SM Hassan II fut un chef d'Etat qui a su s'imposer par la connaissance et sa capacite d'ouverture[beaucoup plus grand que].
Joao Soares, son of the former president Mario Soares, will be the new culture minister.
PORTADOWN also needed a late equaliser from Mario Soares on 81 minutes in a dramatic 3-3 draw with DUNGANNON.
Some of the pervious prominent recipients of the Noth-South Prize were Mary Robinson, former President of Ireland (1997), Mario Soares, former President of the Republic of Portugal (2000), Xanana Gusmao, former President of the Republic of East Timor (2000), Kofi Anan, former UN Secretary General (2007), Queen Raania Al-Abdullah of Jordan (2008), Mikhail Gorbachev, former President of the Soviet Union and Luiz Inacio Lula de Silva, former President of Brazil.
Los sucesores del Hombre de la Rosa, Francois Mitterrand y el de la Revolucion de los Claveles, Mario Soares, estan en el archivo de la historia.
Mario Soares is former president and former premier of Portugal.
Its prime minister is a gentleman named Jose Socrates, but, chances are, the only Portuguese politician you may have heard of is Mario Soares, a cuddly bear of a man with fat cheeks.
Entitled A programme, a majority and a candidate to change Europe', the appeal, launched on 2 June, was drawn up on the initiative of Mario Soares, former president and prime minister of Portugal.
Dados recolhidos das memorias de Jaime de Morais, texto manuscrito, Arquivo Jaime de Morais, Fundacao Mario Soares, e de depoimentos de familiares.
Dr Mario Soares, former President of Portugal, described his humble background, his early life under a military dictatorship and his experiences in prison and in exile fighting for democracy.
May 25 - Mario Soares, 36, accident on Seth Powell Way, Huyton.