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in the Bible, mother of Jesus. Christian tradition reckons her the principal saint, naming her variously the Blessed Virgin Mary, Our Lady, and Mother of God (Gr., theotokos). Her name is the Hebrew Miriam.
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reading of the Magnificat and his overall Mariology and of liberation
The language of God's Light's being reflected by the Word-bearer to the world is not foreign to Mariology.
Adams offers a richly detailed, comprehensive account of how Jameson's developing theological views affected her writings, her Mariology, and her aesthetic attitudes.
35) According to this version of Mariology, the Virgin represents the triumph of humanity, love, and mercy over divine judgment.
Indeed, Waller finds the primal fantasy of postmodern psychoanalysis in both the "idealized eroticism" (39) of medieval Mariology, and in the overdetermined efforts of iconoclasts to expunge it.
His Mariology is a pastoral Mariology--practical, existential, and 'earthy' "she said.
The remainder of the book highlights the ramifications of the ascension for sacraments, Mariology, politics, and atonement.
All Generations Shall Call Me Blessed: Biblical Mariology.
6) He saw that Irish Catholic Mariology (devotion to the Virgin Mary) licensed and provided the rhetoric for this Manichean divide.
Here, Meaney argues that the centrality of Mariology to Irish Catholicism is bound up with anxieties about reproduction and sexuality, anxieties which are, in turn, deeply racialised (p.
As well, a series of articles contextualizes the Qur'an within the framework of Christian and Jewish theologies: Michael Marx deals with the figure of Mary and the Christian intertexts, pointing to the demythologization of Mariology in the Qur'an; Hartmut Bobzin grapples with the concept of the "seal of the prophets" from Q 33:40 and its relationship to the Mosaic paradigm; Sarah's laughter is the focus of Gabriel Said Reynolds' attention and he views the Qur'anic rendition of this as part of an "interpretative tradition" within Syriac Christianity; and Reimund Leicht deals with the rabbinic connections for the writing down of loan agreements (Q 2: 282).
Several important links are missing from Rossini's analysis in my opinion, however, such as the medieval Church's incorporation of verses from the Wisdom books into the liturgy for the Virgin Mary and development of a sapiential Mariology.