Maris, Roger

Maris, Roger (Eugene)

(1934–85) baseball player; born in Hibbing, Minn. During his 12-year career as an outfielder (1957–68), mostly with the New York Yankees and St. Louis Cardinals, he hit a career 275 homeruns and was twice voted the American League Most Valuable Player (1960–61). In 1961 he slammed 61 homeruns to break Babe Ruth's single season record of 60 homeruns set in 1927; the reaction to his breaking Ruth's records was so extreme—and often threatening—that Maris seemed an unhappy man for the rest of his life.
The Cambridge Dictionary of American Biography, by John S. Bowman. Copyright © Cambridge University Press 1995. Reproduced with permission.
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Pat Maris, Roger Maris' widow, said after the ruling: "I just thank God for all the lawyers who came into our lives."
Rudy Maris, Roger's older brother, declined to say in a recent interview how much Anheuser-Busch offered, only that it didn't reflect the value of the business.
Beside Rudy Maris, Roger's wife and five of the brothers' sons work in the distributorship, which has grown from two small warehouses and $3-million-a-year in sales to about $50 million a year and 100 employees.