Maritime Fleet, Institute of the

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Maritime Fleet, Institute of the


Central Research Institute of the Maritime Fleet.

The institute is located in Leningrad and was founded in 1929 as a research institute of shipbuilding and repair within the system of the People’s Commissariat of Transportation. The institute studies economic and technical problems of the USSR maritime fleet and establishes requirements for the technical and operating characteristics of ships, the power machinery of ships, and systems and individual technical devices for navigation and communications. It works out questions of the technical and commercial operation of the fleet, safe navigation, maritime law, and scientific organization of the labor of seamen.

As of 1974 the institute included a branch in Vladivostok and experimental production workshops in Leningrad. It offers graduate study (with or without leaving production work) in technical and economic specializations. Since 1955 it has published Trudy, monographs, and reference information material on questions of maritime law and the commercial use of the fleet.

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